We Provide:

  • Performance Coaching: 1-2-1 psychological insight and support to develop and maintain confident, resilient and winning mind-sets
  • Leadership and management development: Real-time support and development on live issues
  • Organisational design and development: Alignment of an organisation's infrastructure to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Cultural development: Aligning and embedding mind-sets, behaviours and infrastructure to build an organisational identity and DNA of high performance


Previous clients include:

  • CEO's, chairmen, professional sportspeople, managers
  • Sales, production, delivery teams
  • Start-ups, SME's and large organisations across sectors, professional sports clubs, public sector bodies.


Examples of our Impact:

  • Increased Revenues:

    Enabled a manufacturing firm to capture an additional £1m of revenues at no extra cost.

    We achieved it by identifying and addressing how a misalignment of the different parts of the business was impacting quality and customer satisfaction. 

  • Increased Team Performance:

    Improved the performance of a regional sales team from 5th to 1st in their organisation's national sales ranking.

    We achieved it by identifying and addressing how the management and culture of the team could be improved to increase the capability and commitment of its people to deliver the best of themselves. 

  • Reduced Staff Turnover:

    Reduced churn in public sector body from 28% to 2% annually, reducing visible and hidden costs significantly

    We achieved it by identifying and addressing underlying issues with behaviours and infrastructure to create a great and effective workplace where people felt valued and owned their own jobs, with the result that people didn't want to leave. 

  • Improved Individual Performance:

    Removed psychological barriers to performance to improve an elite athlete's scoring rate. 

    We achieved it by identifying and addressing how we could support the player in building confidence, resilience and a winning mind-set, to play free from doubt.

  • Additional Examples:

    Tech firm: 

    Supported them in scaling up to be the 16th fastest growing tech firm in the UK and preparing to float on the Alternative Investment Market


    Private Hospital: 

    Reversed their situation of missed targets, financial penalties & imminent contract cancellation by the healthcare provider, to hit targets, secure an outperformance bonus and sign a new lucrative contract with the healthcare provider.  


    Logistics firm: 

    Reversed key clients imminent contract cancellation to extend contract and increase wallet share

Why Us


Our Founder Mary Sherry is an Organisational Psychologist and Psychotherapist which means she can both understand and change behaviours. She is also the British Psychological Society's expert contact with the media on the topic of performance.


We are a safe pair of hands with over 20 years' of practical commercial experience in achieving results by successfully delivering this service to individuals, teams and organisations of different sizes and sectors, including Technology, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Insurance, The public Sector and Professional Sports Clubs. 


Being external to an organisation or team gives us the separation needed to identify and address issues that block performance, in a way that internal members of staff are unable to replicate.


We’re fun to work with bringing energy, insight and joy and we give you everything we’ve got, because we believe in what we're doing, which makes your success our success.

Why we do it

Concorde, iPhone, Google, Super Saturday.

Individuals, teams and organisations can achieve outstanding results when they have the right mind-set's behaviours and infrastructure for high performance, yet 87% of people are disengaged from their work and there is a productivity gap. People are unhappy which affects them, their organisations and the economy. 

By removing the blockers to performance, we can improve both how capable and committed individuals, teams and organisations are to producing game-changing results to achieve their own success, improve their people's and their customers' experience and maybe, just maybe, change the world.

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is it, so let’s make it as enjoyable and productive as we can for everyone.

Next Steps

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