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Why finding problems in your business will make you ecstatic!

CEO’s react differently when we give them our feedback on the problems we’ve identified in their organisation during our Discovery Phase. We’ve witnessed the whole range of human emotions and sometimes had to support them through the bereavement cycle from denial and anger to acceptance. I understand the reactions. This is their organisation, it’s their […]

Were your people like that when you hired them, or have you made them that way?

Any leader worth their salt will be passionate about achieving their goals, whether that’s opening offices overseas, recruiting new staff, securing funding, capturing new markets or ensuring targets are achieved. With the right people around you that passion can spread like a fire storm, inspiring others to do amazing things which drive the organisation’s success. With […]

Leadership 101: Build the mentality of your management team

Ask yourself 2 questions: How much of the thinking and decision making do I do as a leader compared to the rest of my management team? How often does my management team ask me difficult and awkward questions, and what happens when they do?   Leaders perform better when they have the right people around […]

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