what we do:

We do 2 things:

1. We develop and share insight into what’s really undermining your people’s commitment, focus, collaboration, learning and innovation that’s needed to drive your organisation’s performance and success.

E.g.  limits to their sense of purpose, belonging, enjoyment, recognition, trust, accountability, confidence, clarity of priorities and objectives, understanding of role parameters, emotional intelligence and resilience, effective communication, constructive challenge, permissions etc.

2. We deliver tailored solutions to change that.

25 years of implementing these changes within and between the leadership, management and execution levels, has enabled our clients across sectors to create more value for their people and their clients, resulting in greater revenue growth; improved retention, engagement and empowerment of their talent; and faster scaling.

What Our Client’s Say:

“I’m really pleased with the work that APPS have done to develop our people and set-up. As a result we’re scaling up, we’ve had the biggest week of interviews we’ve ever had and we’ve just closed a deal which is five times our average deal size. We’re happy, our clients are happy and the year ahead is looking great!”

Roger Wilkinson CEO at Oho Recruitment

Leicester Riders Basketball Club

“…Their work is totally different to anything the players or I have experienced before and it makes a real difference. I urge any team seeking to develop that competitive edge to use APPS”

Russell Levenston Managing Director Leicester Riders

CAF Logo

“Achieve Positive People Solutions (APPS) are extremely effective and have become invaluable partners in strengthening how engaged and empowered our people are across the organisation to drive performance… I would highly recommend working with APPS to any organisation that wants to get the best from their people”


Mike Anderson CEO at Chelsea Apps Factory

Local World Logo

“I have worked with Mary for many years and she is outstanding in her field. She has been instrumental in helping me transform the businesses I have managed … which has seen a 1000% improvement in effectiveness with significant top and bottom line gains… I can’t recommend Mary highly enough.”

David Simms Managing Director & Regional Publisher at Local World






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Our work could entail:

+ Individual: Breaking ingrained patterns of counterproductive behaviour such as self sabotage and repetitive conflict to improve interactions and outcomes | Building confidence and self-efficacy | Developing emotional intelligence to improve communication and influence | Building emotional resilience to allow for the challenge and constructive criticism that drives innovation and retains focus | Developing your leaders and managers to galvanise openness, motivation and collaboration.

+ Team: Developing your senior teams' strategic thinking and collective accountability beyond departmental silos | Resolving conflict and building trust to improve collaboration | Challenging and reshaping norms to improve communication and interaction | Developing clear and robust parameters around roles, remits, responsibilities, powers and authorities.

+ Organisation: Developing a clearly defined organisational purpose and vision | Facilitating the creation of prioritised strategies to deliver that purpose | Capturing & analysing data to root out where opportunities are being missed and why | Realigning your organisational set up – Value proposition, Strategies, Processes, Structure etc. – to improve focus, remove pain points, conflicts and inefficiencies and leverage competitive advantage.

Core Services we provide:

Identify Issues & Solutions

The more you understand what’s limiting performance, the more opportunity you have to improve performance. In our Discovery Phase we furnish you with that insight and understanding by identifying issues limiting performance. Firstly, we capture and analyse quantitative and qualitative data relating to performance and activity. Secondly, we review the thinking, behaviours, culture and infrastructure at the leadership, management and execution level. We use this to develop your understanding of what is holding your organisation back from unleashing its potential. Armed with this insight we can implement change to create more value for your people, clients and your bottom line. Like a medical examination, this enables you to uncover concealed issues sooner; diagnose the underlying causes of presenting symptoms; and prescribe the right treatment to improve performance. Read more here 

Performance Coaching

Think Wendy Rhoades from the TV drama ‘Billions’. Our 1-to-1 performance coaching enables people at all levels across your organisation to get the best out of themselves and unleash their untapped potential. Whether they’re high performers on top of their game or they’re seeking to raise their game, the sessions are of real value. We provide a risk free environment to develop their deep personal insight into their behaviours and what drives them. Once they understand how their beliefs, thought processes, experiences and ingrained behavioural patterns shape what they do, we challenge and stress test them so they can evaluate what adds to and detracts from their performance. Armed with this insight, we reshape their counterproductive thinking, communication and behaviours and develop personal strategies that are more effective in driving performance. By doing so we remove the specific blockers to their performance and simultaneously develop their emotional intelligence, resilience and confidence to behave in ways that create much more value.

Leadership & Management Development

We develop leadership and management to individually and collectively galvanise direction, focus, trust, commitment, collaboration and adaptability. Doing so ensures they are engaging and empowering people to create maximum value for colleagues, clients and the bottom line. Leaders and managers can develop deep personal insight and awareness from our tailored 1-2-1 performance coaching sessions. We provide them with the time and space to think freely, acting as a sounding board and critical friend. They benefit from support to shape their role to play to their strengths, defining where they start and stop. We can support them to shape the purpose of their organisation and their vision for its future, and their values. Our group sessions, develop how your senior team works together to drive strategic thinking and collective accountability beyond departmental silos. They also ensure they present a unified front for clear and consistent communication across your organisation. Our shadowing observes leaders and managers dealing with live issues as they face them, followed by private feedback and support.


Mediation and conflict resolution sessions to move beyond issues, acrimony and dysfunction to effective and professional units

Infrastructure Design and Development

Your infrastructure is the formal set up your organisation has that shapes how it works. It includes your purpose, value proposition, strategies, process, structures etc. down to your systems and tools. Infrastructure can support or reduce the level of direction, focus, trust, commitment, collaboration and adaptability needed to create value. We identify where and why your infrastructure is limiting your organisation’s willingness and ability to create value effectively and efficiently. To remove pain points and gain competitive advantage, we support you to implement changes to realign and integrate the different components.

Culture Change

Your culture is the aggregate dominant behaviours within your organisation. Positive or not, these shape the behaviours of everyone and at a subconscious level set the tone of what is acceptable and how safe and valued people feel. We facilitate your leadership and management to set the values and tone of what they think is acceptable, we stress test their thinking and ensure that those values are being embedded and lived at all levels of the organisation. By doing so we enable you to build an organisational DNA which gives your people an identity they can belong to and evangelise as ambassadors of your brand.

Why Us:

  • Expertise - Our Founder Mary is an Organisational Psychologist and Psychotherapist and the British Psychological Society's expert on performance.
  • Experience - We are a safe pair of hands with over 25 years' of practical commercial experience in successfully delivering to individuals, teams and organisations across Technology, Staffing, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Insurance, The public Sector and Professional Sports Clubs.
  • External - Being external gives us the separation needed to identify and address the real issues affecting performance, which internal resources don't have.
  • Personalised - We will get to know you and your organisation very well and will treat it with the same respect and courtesy as we would our own organisation.
  • Committed - We give you everything we’ve got because we believe in what we're doing and your success is our success.

Why We Do It:

Concorde, iPhone, Google, Super Saturday.

Individuals, teams and organisations can achieve outstanding results when they have the right environment, yet 87% of people are disengaged from their work and there is a productivity gap. 

By doing what we do we can support leaders, founders and CEO’s to build exceptional organisations that not only generate stellar returns, but also inspire greatness in their people, raise the bar of excellence ever higher and maybe, just maybe, change the world.

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