Our Concept:

There is a gap between the value your people have the potential to deliver and what they are currently delivering. That gap significantly limits your organisation’s growth and performance. Our role is to close that gap.

We do it by providing your leaders, managers and teams with one-to-one Coaching, Group Workshops and Data Analysis to:

1. Develop their awareness & focus on the opportunities to deliver more value and the obstacles to doing so.
2. Develop their approaches to be more effective in successfully overcoming those obstacles.
3. Embed these new approaches so they become second nature and prevent a slip back into old habits.

Just as top performing athletes need to work with an external support team in order to reach and remain at the top of their game, so too do your people. We are that support team.

What Our Client’s Say:

“I’m really pleased with the work that APPS have done to develop our people and set-up. As a result we’re scaling up, we’ve had the biggest week of interviews we’ve ever had and we’ve just closed a deal which is five times our average deal size. We’re happy, our clients are happy and the year ahead is looking great!”

Roger Wilkinson CEO at Oho Recruitment

Leicester Riders Basketball Club

“…Their work is totally different to anything the players or I have experienced before and it makes a real difference. I urge any team seeking to develop that competitive edge to use APPS”

Russell Levenston Managing Director Leicester Riders

CAF Logo

“Achieve Positive People Solutions (APPS) are extremely effective and have become invaluable partners in strengthening how engaged and empowered our people are across the organisation to drive performance… I would highly recommend working with APPS to any organisation that wants to get the best from their people”


Mike Anderson CEO at Chelsea Apps Factory

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“I have worked with Mary for many years and she is outstanding in her field. She has been instrumental in helping me transform the businesses I have managed … which has seen a 1000% improvement in effectiveness with significant top and bottom line gains… I can’t recommend Mary highly enough.”

David Simms Managing Director & Regional Publisher at Local World

Core Services we provide:


Who for:

  • Leaders: Board members, C-Suite executives and Founders (Leadership Coaching)
  • Managers: Senior, Middle and Agile (Management Coaching)
  • High-potential Producers (Performance Coaching)

Purpose and outcomes:

  • Rapidly and significantly enhance each participant’s impact in delivering their role
  • Translate desired competencies into embedded behaviours
  • Adapt and develop their responses to people, challenges and opportunities
  • Establish the parameters of their role and how they operate effectively with others
  • Explore ideas, issues, obstacles and approaches by acting as a sounding board
  • Improve clarity and robustness of approaches by acting as a critical friend to offer constructive challenge
  • Develop insight and self-awareness of their thinking, perspectives and styles of communication and their impact

Group Workshops

Who for:

  • Any groups that work together
    • Teams / departments / working groups
    • Different parts of the value stream

Purpose and outcomes:

  • Build a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Facilitate clear communication and openness between all parties
  • Develop collective awareness and focus on the prioritised objectives and outcomes
  • Using critical incidents, provide a safe space to explore the opportunities and obstacles to achieving those objectives and outcomes
  • Develop collective responsibility for capturing opportunities and overcoming obstacles
  • Remove silo thinking and drive creativity to identify and agree solutions
  • Develop clear and commonly agreed strategies to implementing solutions
  • Integrate the organisation to promote a common identity and ownership for driving its success

Data Analysis

Who for:

  • Leadership (organisational data analysis)
  • Management (team data analysis)
  • Individual producers (performance data analysis)

Purpose and outcomes:

  • Develop more effective data usage to provide actionable insights that drive growth and performance
  • Understand how existing metrics are used and interpreted and their impact on behaviour and outcomes
  • Identify where there are gaps in data usage and the impact on identifying opportunities and obstacles
  • Reshape and tailor data to be relevant, complete and informative
  • Use data to cut through noise, complexity and reality distortion
  • Develop a clarity of awareness of the current state
  • Identify gaps between potential value and current value delivered
  • Focus attention on actions that will drive growth and performance
  • Create a golden thread linking each person to growth and performance
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency






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Why Us:

  • Expertise - Our Founder Mary is an Organisational Psychologist and Psychotherapist and the British Psychological Society's expert on performance.
  • Experience - We are a safe pair of hands with over 25 years' of practical commercial experience in successfully delivering to individuals, teams and organisations across Technology, Staffing, Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Insurance, The public Sector and Professional Sports Clubs.
  • External - Being external gives us the separation needed to identify and address the real issues affecting performance, which internal resources don't have.
  • Personalised - We will get to know you and your organisation very well and will treat it with the same respect and courtesy as we would our own organisation.
  • Committed - We give you everything we’ve got because we believe in what we're doing and your success is our success.

Why We Do It:

Concorde, iPhone, Google, Super Saturday.

Individuals, teams and organisations can achieve outstanding results when they have the right environment, yet 85% of people are not engaged by their work and there is a productivity crisis. 

By doing what we do we can support leaders, founders, CEO’s, managers and teams to build exceptional organisations that not only generate stellar returns, but also inspire greatness in their people, raise the bar of excellence ever higher and maybe, just maybe, change the world.

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