Ecstatic CEO

Why finding problems in your business will make you ecstatic!

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CEO’s react differently when we give them our feedback on the problems we’ve identified in their organisation during our Discovery Phase. We’ve witnessed the whole range of human emotions and sometimes had to support them through the bereavement cycle from denial and anger to acceptance. I understand the reactions. This is their organisation, it’s their […]

Find and resolve what's disengaging the focus, confidence and resilience of your people's Drive to achieve their best performance.

Were your people like that when you hired them, or have you made them that way?

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Any leader worth their salt will be passionate about achieving their goals, whether that’s opening offices overseas, recruiting new staff, securing funding, capturing new markets or ensuring targets are achieved. With the right people around you that passion can spread like a fire storm, inspiring others to do amazing things which drive the organisation’s success. With […]

Developing Winning Mind-Sets In Football

What leaders can learn about winning mind-sets from England’s exit from the Euro’s

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I am no football expert, and what I know about football strategy and tactics wouldn’t fill all the space on the back of a fag packet. However, as an organisational psychologist and psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience working with organisations including professional sports clubs, what I do know is how to develop winning mind-sets […]

Bombardier productivity

Productivity – Mary Sherry’s interview with the BBC

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Mary Sherry’s interview with the BBC on productivity The BBC interviewed Mary Sherry, Organisational Psychologist and founder of Achieve Positive People Solutions (APPS), for her views on the impact on productivity and performance at Bombardier in Northern Ireland, following the decision by the plane and train manufacturer to ask its 5,500 staff in Northern Ireland to accept […]

The conundrum of performance

How CEO’s can drive performance

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Driving Performance Every CEO and leader wants their organisation to thrive and prosper, but not every organisation does, so what can leaders do to ensure that they drive wholesale improvement in their organisations performance? Whilst this is an incredibly complicated topic which involves all manner of actions from restructuring the organisation’s finances, recruiting the best […]

Culture capping success

Your organisation’s culture is probably capping your organisation’s success

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Organisational culture is a buzzword thrown around by practically everyone from academics to marketers, but we believe it’s widely misunderstood. To keep things simple, at APPS we use the term as follows: Organisational culture is a general description of how people within an organisation behave towards themselves, each other, their strategic partners and their clients […]