Supported 25% revenue growth – Tech Recruitment Firm

Improved Tech Recruitment Firm Revenue Growth & Performance

CEO: “I’m really pleased with the work that APPS have done to develop our people and set-up. As a result we’re scaling up, we’ve had the biggest week of interviews we’ve ever had and we’ve just closed a deal which is five times our average deal size. We’re happy, our clients are happy and the year ahead is looking great!”

A vibrant and ambitious London based tech recruitment business:


  • Support the business to drive towards 25% year on year revenue growth by identifying opportunities to improve bottom line performance for a business which is scaling up

Impact delivered:

  • Increased revenue and operating profit:
    • Increased the number of deals closed
    • Increased the value of deals closed – 5 times average deal size
    • Increased the pipeline volume of future deals to its largest ever
  • Increased scalability:
    • Reduced key process lead and cycle times from 15 hours to 15 minutes
    • Reduced staff turnover from 50% annually to 0% during the 3 months of our service delivery
    • Reduced wastage of time and effort on tasks that didn’t contribute effectively to the achievement of objectives

Team Leader: “Rob and Mary provided some excellent insights into how we can improve not just the efficiency of how we work but also the mentality and approach we can take to our everyday lives. Personally, I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, assisting me to help improve delivery through personal and collective development. They engage rather than lecture, and as a result, really feel like part of the team”

How we did it:

  • We got to know their business and their people – to understand how things worked, why, and how to change it to overcome obstacles and capture opportunities, e.g.:
    • Data analysis of:
      • Financial accounts
      • Client accounts
      • Individual and team KPI’s and performance metrics
    • Reviewed their infrastructure’s alignment and effectiveness, e.g. the processes, tools, forums and systems for:
      • Helping them measure and manage performance
      • Making and implementing strategic decisions
    • Observed meetings
    • Observed ways of working
    • Interviewed all the staff to understand the culture, mindsets and behaviours
  • Once we understood what needed to change, we designed, agreed and implemented a range of tailored solutions
    • One-to-one coaching and Group workshops for Consultants, Team Leaders and the Senior Management team, e.g. to improve:
      • The leadership’s ability to set the direction of the business and build in a sense of belonging
      • The management’s ability to drive ownership and accountability and channel activities
      • Confidence
      • Process effectiveness
      • Interpersonal effectiveness

Consultant: “Rob and Mary are great, we called them the positive people. They proved invaluable in helping us perform better as individual recruiters and as a team. They worked closely with us on developing skills for much more effective sourcing and they coached us to overcome problems on live deals which we then successfully closed. They also helped us improve our mind-sets for better communication with clients, candidates and each other to get a better outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Achieve Positive People Solutions to any organisation interested in improving performance and culture”.