Improved Performance Of A Tech Recruitment Firm

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We recently worked with a London based Technology recruitment firm to support them to drive towards a 25% year on year growth. The impact of our work was that we reduced their staff turnover from circa 50% annually down to zero over the three month period we delivered our solutions, which enabled them to scale up; they closed more deals and larger deals, including a placement which was 5 times their average deal size; we reduced the time it took to source a specific number of candidates down from 15 hours to 15 minutes; and we enabled them to secure more interviews than they’d ever had.

We ran our Discovery Phase to understand the current state of the organisation and where there were issues and opportunities that could be addressed in order to improve performance. What we identified were a range of issues which were affecting their capacity to hit their profit target.

Firstly, the organisation had an issue with retaining talent which not only cost them to replace and train, but also reduced their revenue growth, destabilised the rest of the platform and haemorrhaged corporate intelligence to their competitors. This issue with scalability was preventing the CEO from growing his way to his profit target.

Secondly, they were struggling to make more placements. Their capacity to match candidates and clients was being limited by a combination of inefficient sourcing techniques, the lack of a codified and coordinated candidate and role sourcing strategy and a lack of role prioritisation. Their closing approach also needed developing. The impact of these limitations was that they were filling less than 40% of the roles they were acquiring.

Thirdly, the restricted capacity to improve their role to placement ratio was affecting their access to more senior roles which were more lucrative for the organisation.

Once we identified the issues which were limiting the capacity to achieve the profit target, and how the mind-set’s, behaviours, culture and infrastructure of the leadership, management and execution team were causing these issues, we then set about addressing them. The solutions we delivered included:

  • Developing the infrastructure: clarifying and aligning the organisation’s purpose with its set up – ensuring the value proposition, strategy, processes, roles and remits, tools and systems were all aligned.
  • Leadership and management development: Developing their insight into how their communication and leadership styles were impacting their capacity to engage their teams to deliver against their targets; Developing their insight into what was driving those behaviours to give them options on how they would approach situation in the future; Coaching better management and leadership behaviours and communication styles and facilitating the delivery of those new behaviours in a live environment with staff.
  • Performance coaching: Developing the mind-set’s and behaviours of the execution teams to be more resilient and confident in a sales environment and the skills and techniques to be able to build more effective relationships quickly with both clients and with other members of staff, management and the leadership.


The feedback from all levels of the organisation has been singularly positive:

CEO: “I’m really pleased with the work that APPS have done to develop our people and set-up. As a result we’re scaling up, we’ve had the biggest week of interviews we’ve ever had and we’ve just closed a deal which is five times our average deal size. We’re happy, our clients are happy and the year ahead is looking great!”

Team Leader: “Rob and Mary provided some excellent insights into how we can improve not just the efficiency of how we work but also the mentality and approach we can take to our everyday lives. Personally, I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, assisting me to help improve delivery through personal and collective development. They engage rather than lecture, and as a result, really feel like part of the team”

Consultant: “Rob and Mary are great, we called them the positive people. They proved invaluable in helping us perform better as individual recruiters and as a team. They worked closely with us on developing skills for much more effective sourcing and they coached us to overcome problems on live deals which we then successfully closed. They also helped us improve our mind-sets for better communication with clients, candidates and each other to get a better outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Achieve Positive People Solutions to any organisation interested in improving performance and culture”.