Increased Gross Profit by over £1.8m – Automotive Engineering Firm

Increased Gross Profit by over £1.8m - Automotive engineering Firm

Client: An international high quality automotive engineering business


  • To provide a programme of 1-2-1 coaching to the senior management team to develop the strategic, commercial and managerial effectiveness of their individual and collective approaches.

Impact delivered:

  • Increased Gross Profit by over £1.8m:
  • Developed the capabilities of the senior management team

How we did it:

  • Through 1-2-1 coaching, we helped the senior management team to cut through the noise and complexity to develop their insight and awareness of:
    • Their own cognitive biases and functional fixedness on key topics, including:
      • The organisation’s purpose
      • How to structure the organisation
      • What their role was within that structure
      • How to execute that role
    • How that was limiting their performance and growth because of its impact on:
      • Identifying, approaching and accessing clients effectively
      • Getting the best out of themselves individually and collectively
      • Their existing clients’ experience and satisfaction
      • Their people’s levels of engagement and empowerment
    • Once they had that awareness, we used the 1-2-1 coaching to then reshape and embed new approaches to all of the above which enabled them to:
      • Identify and approach prestigious potential clients that were not previously on the radar
      • Convert those potential clients to actual clients
      • Agree lucrative deals with new clients

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