Increased Wallet Share – Logistics firm

Increased Wallet Share - Logistics Firm

We supported a major logistics firm to increase their share of their main client’s budget.

When we began working with them, the firm had been notified of their main clients intention to cancel their contractual relationship following a serious breach of their SLA’s which had impacted the client’s business. We set about understanding the actual issues and their causes from the perspective of the leadership, management and execution teams. Once we had identified those issues, we then set up a blame free environment with representatives from each department to share with all parties the insight we had attained. Once they understood the problems experienced by all parties, we were able to facilitate a change in their processes and demonstrate those changes to their client to delay the cancellation of the contract. The new changes were so successful that the client retained the logistics firm as a supplier and actually increased the value of the contracted services provided.

Our impact was therefore to turn a hostile situation around to enable the supplier to increase their share of the client’s wallet.

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