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Improved Health Service Delivery At A Private Hospital

We enabled a private hospital to dramatically improve their performance which resulted in them achieving all their targets, securing an out-performance bonus, and being offered a new lucrative contract with the healthcare provider.

When we began working with them, the hospital was missing a significant portion of its targets, it was facing financial penalties for failing to deliver on their Service Level Agreements, and the healthcare provider had notified them of their intention to cancel the contract if the situation did not change within a strict time frame.

To improve the performance, we worked across the leadership, management and execution teams to understand what targets were being missed, such as waiting times and the amount of slots available for certain treatments. Once we understood what the issues were, we set about finding their root causes. The key issue was that senior members of the hospital’s staff had come from a public sector background and their mentality was less commercially focussed, which meant that throughout the hospital, the mind-sets, behaviours, culture and infrastructure was at odds with the commercial reality of private healthcare. We took the time to address these issues by focussing them on the impending loss of contract if they failed to deliver against their targets, and shaping their thinking, actions and set up accordingly.

The impact was that as well as enabling them to hit their targets and secure financial rewards and a new lucrative contract from the healthcare provider, they also created more value for their customers.

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