Reduced Staff Attrition from 28% to 2% – Public Sector

Reduced Staff Turnover From 28% To 2% Annually

We reduced the staff turnover rate within a public sector organisation from 28% to 2% annually, significantly reducing both the visible and hidden costs of recruitment and training, stabilising the platform, retaining knowledge in the organisation and improving the experience of the end user.

We achieved it by identifying all the drivers encouraging the organisation’s talent to depart, which included: A perceived lack of options for progression, training and development; fractious relations between management and staff; a perception amongst staff that they were unable to deliver meaningful value to the end user. 

Once we had identified all the issues, we then delivered a number of solutions which included: working across the leadership, management and execution teams to formulate an effective employee value proposition which laid out how staff would be trained and developed and the opportunities for progression within the organisation; we worked with management to model and embed behaviours and communication styles that would be more effective in engaging the staff to achieve specific objectives; we worked at all levels to refocus the organisation on its key priorities and then shape its strategy and processes to deliver more effectively on those priorities. 

By doing so, we were able to reduce staff turnover from 28% to 2% whilst simultaneously improving the quality of the experience for both the end users and those in the organisation delivering the services.


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