Improved Sales Performance – FTSE 100 Firm

Improved Sales Performance - FTSE 100 Firm Sales Department

We improved the performance of a FSTE 100 firm’s regional sales department resulting in them moving from 5th place to 1st place in their organisation’s national sales ranking.

We achieved it by identifying all the issues which were undermining the focus, commitment and ability of the sales team to drive results, which included: Management behaviour and communication styles which created resentment and increased staff turnover; overly administrative processes which reduced the focus on the customer; a focus on quantity of actions over quality of results; a lack of time taken to understand the customer’s needs and deliver an appropriate solution.

The impact of this was that the department was missing opportunities to convert more of their effort into productive relationships which yielded ongoing sales.

Once we understood the presenting problems and their root causes, we provided a range of solutions to address them which included: providing management with insight into how their actions were counterproductive and working with them to model new more effective behaviours and styles of communication; working with the management and sales people to reshape processes to reduce the administrative burden; coaching with the sales team to develop their emotional intelligence, confidence and insight to better engage the customer and create more productive working relationships. 

By doing so we reduced the rate of staff attrition to virtually zero, improved team dynamics and enabled them to generate the largest revenue stream in the entire firm, resulting in them moving from 5th place to 1st place in their organisation’s national sales ranking. 

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