Improved An Elite Athlete’s Performance – Sport

Individual Performance Psychology - Find A Way To Win

We improved the performance of an elite athlete to progress from a bench player to a role player, to a starting 5 player in the British Basketball League.

Individual performance is often as much about mentality and confidence as it is about skill and ability. People’s behaviours are often shaped by messages that have been subliminally implanted below their level of conscious awareness. These messages can have a profound impact on how we see the world and our place in it and significantly it impacts our performance in work, sport and life. We worked with this athlete to develop his insight into what messages were driving his behaviour both on and off the court and what impact that was having on his performance. By developing his insight we gave him options to choose to accept or change those messages which in turn changed his behaviours.

The impact has been that he has developed a more confident and resilient winning mind-set that has enable him to play free from doubt and improve his performance, and as we continue to work with him our goal is for him to progress even further as a team GB national player.

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