Type B

One-To-One Coaching

Coaching for:

  • Leaders: Board members, C-Suite executives and Founders (Leadership Coaching)
  • Managers: Senior, Middle and Agile (Management Coaching)
  • High-potential Individuals (Performance Coaching)

Purpose and outcomes:

  • Rapidly and significantly enhance the value each participant creates in delivering their role
  • Identify and resolve their performance blockers posed by themselves, others and their environment
  • Develop their self-awareness, by identifying patterns of perception, thought, communication, behaviour, and their impact

  • Build their confidence and resilience to stay functional under pressure
  • Develop their emotional intelligence to adapt their responses to people, challenges and opportunities
  • Embed personal strategies to reshape their approach and environment to create more value
  • Improve clarity and robustness of approaches by acting as a critical friend to offer constructive challenge
  • Provide space to explore ideas, issues, obstacles and approaches by acting as a sounding board
  • Establish the parameters of their role and how they operate and integrate effectively with others
  • Translate desired competencies into embedded behaviours

Coaching has yielded outstanding results for our clients over the years and is the bedrock of building people’s personal awareness, drive and ability to create much more value.